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Great American Mining monetizes wasted, stranded and undervalued gas throughout the oil and gas industry by using it as a power generation source for bitcoin mining. We bring the market and our expertise to the molecule. Our solutions make producers more efficient and profitable while helping to reduce flaring and venting throughout the oil and gas value chain.

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  • Operational expertise

    Profitability mining Bitcoin requires a sufficiently deep and relatively broad understanding of several non-related fields of study. Our team designed and built our Gas-to-Hash (G2H) systems to withstand the harshest operating environments while maintaining maximum uptime.

  • An innovative and profitable solution for a growing problem

    By utilizing stranded or flared gas to mine Bitcoin, we're able to align our incentives with those of O&G firms seeking to meet regulatory and ESG goals around carbon emissions.

  • Bitcoin stewardship

    We're on a mission to manufacture and operate highly profitable mining operations while helping curb emissions throughout the O&G industry, ultimately increasing the decentralization of the Bitcoin network in the process.

  • Transparency with producers

    We want to educate upstream/integrated O&G firms on how to monetize their wasted, stranded, and/or undervalued gas using Bitcoin and be transparent with our data in the process.

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