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Disclosure: Mining estimates are calculated in real-time based on a Bitcoin network difficulty of , a BTCUSD exchange rate of , a 2% mining pool fee, and 100% generator load (with 2.5% of total available capacity allocated to other operational requirements). These calculated estimates can vary based on the dynamic variables of the Bitcoin network, BTCUSD exchange rate, and Henry Hub Gas Spot Price ($/MMBTU).

Monthly Gas Revenue
Increased by
Increased by
Increased by
Earnings BTC $USD
Revenue Per Day
Revenue Per Month
Revenue Per Year
Effective $/MMBTU -
Effective $/MCF -
Daily Revenue Multiple (over Henry Hub) -
Daily Revenue Multiple (over Netback) -
Miner Details
Total TH/s
Estimated Capital Requirements (excluding site prep)
Natural Gas Details
Total kW
Henry Hub ($/MMBTU)
Netback ($/MCF)
Daily Henry Hub Total
Daily Netback Total
Bitcoin Details
Current Block Height
Bitcoin Network Difficulty
Average Block Reward BTC (last 144 blocks)
Average Block Reward USD

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