Our Mission

Great American Mining

Our mission is to mine bitcoin through the development of technology that solves real problems arising from vented, flared, stranded, or otherwise undervalued gas. Through Bitcoin mining, we view the process of physically transforming gas into a digital monetary instrument as naturally aligning the incentives of two ruthlessly competitive industries of upstream/integrated O&G firms in the United States and Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin miners are incentivized to find the cheapest means of electricity production. O&G firms have a significant waste gas problem that’s forecasted to worsen with increasing flare restrictions, stricter environmental regulations and ESG mandates throughout the industry. These hurdles present a unique opportunity for experienced Bitcoin miners to bring their operations to where produced gas is being wasted throughout the existing O&G value chain. Utilizing Bitcoin as a pass-through vehicle allows producers to increase the marginal profitability per barrel of oil produced in an over-supplied energy market, which gives O&G firms an operational advantage in a highly competitive environment.

At Great American Mining, we provide the O&G industry a tool by which they can increase the economic efficiency of existing production operations via profitably monetizing their gas at a rate that is an order of magnitude higher than the best possible market price by bringing the Market-To-The-Molecule and physically changing the market that the gas is being sold to. Our proprietary systems allow us to control each deployment remotely, automatically regulating power consumption and environmental conditions to achieve peak efficiency and up-time.

Our Team

  • Todd Garland

  • Tom Masiero

  • Isaac Fithian

  • Rete Browning

  • Marty Bent

  • Austin Storms

  • Hank Nelson

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